human Body
Quick Facts on the Human Body Organs
Largest Organ Skin  
Largest Internal Organ Liver  
Smallest Organ Pineal Around 8mm in length (single lymph nodes are smaller)
Glands of the Body
Thymus Centre of the Chest Helps combat disease and plays major role in development during childhood.
Pineal Gland Centre of Brain between the 2 hemispheres Releases melatonin which helps supervise the body clock.It also controls sexual development and sleep patterns.
Pituitary Gland Base of the Brain Controls ductless glands of the body and plays pivotal role in metabolism and growth.
Adrenal Glands Above the Kidneys Most noted as fight or flight glands. Secrete almost 3 dozen hormones and play role in metabolic process..
Hypothalamus Basal part of the Skull near the Pituitary Gland Governs Autonomic Nervous System. Controls Pituitary secretions.
Thyroid Gland Neck  
Parathyroid Gland    
Prostate Glands Encircles Urethra below the Bladder  
Gonads Sexual Glands  
Lachrymal Glands Cavity of the Eyes  
Sweat Glands Under the Skin all over the body  
Salivary Glands Mouth and Throat  
Sebaceous Glands Under the skin all over the body  
Mammary Glands Female Chest (although glands are present in males)  
Parotid Glands Largest of Salivary Glands