Themed Quiz History 10
1. The Battle of Blemheim took place in which war?

2. Elizabeth I was the last monarch of which dynasty?

3. Who were the victors of the battle of Austerlitz?

4. Which Treaty after WWI established the league of nations?

5. Which country deposed King Constantine II in 1967?

6. In which year did the Korean war break out?

7. Pol Pot was the feared leader of which country?

8. In which year was Ulster incorporated into the UK under the Home Rule Act?

9. Who was the Nazi minister of propaganda?

10. Which Elizabethan politician, philosopher and essayist was fined £40,000 for taking bribes?


1. Spanish Succession

2. Tudor

3. French

4. Versailles

5. Greece

6. 1950

7. Cambodia

8. 1920

9. Goebbels

10. Francis Bacon