Untitled Document 1995 New Jersey Governor Christine Whitman, dedicates a rest stop to Howard Stern
1993 West Indies defeat Australia by one run in 4th Test at Adelaide
1993 Brian Tobin sworn in as Premier of Newfoundland
1992 Americans with Disabilities Act went into effect
1991 Jan Stenerud becomes first pure placekicker to make NFL Hall of Fame
1991 Alfaro Vive guerrilla group of Ecuador gives arms to Catholic church
1990 Annular eclipse visible over Antarctica &South Atlantic
1989 US computer security expert warns of catastrophic virus
1989 Test debut of Mark Taylor, Australia vs West Indies, Sydney
1989 AT&T reports first loss in 103 years; $1.67 B in 1988
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Moon Landing - On July 20th 1969, 4 days after take off Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touch down on the Moon. Michael Colllins the 3rd member of the crew remained in the capsule whilst Armstrong and Aldrin performed their historic walk on the moon with the now legendary quote 'it's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind. Further missions were made to the moon and Alan Sheperd famously played a few golf shots with a Wilson 6-Iron golf club.
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1 Industrial Revolution
2 The Great Plague
3 Sumerian Invention Of Writing
4 D-Day Landings
5 Fall of the Roman Empire
6 Landing on the Moon
7 Assasination of J.F.K
8 Egyptian Pyramids
9 Discovery of the New World
10 The Crusades
1 Robert Catesby was the leader of the Gunpowder Plot and not Guy Fawkes.
2 In spite of various theories nobody actually knows for sure the birth place of the Irish Patron saint St. Patrick.
3 Walter Raleigh was certainly not responsible for introducing either the potato or tobacco to England.
4 The Guillotine was actually invented in Halifax, West Yorkshire as far back as 1286.
5 Antonio Meucci invented the telephone (his idea was almost certainly stolen by Alexander Graham Bell).
6 Contrary to popular belief, Chop Suey actually is a Chinese dish and was definitely not invented in America.
7 Marie Antoinette never said 'Let Them Eat Cake'?
8 Although there is no outright proof, documentary evidence points firmly towards Richard Ameryk as being the person whom America was named after rather than the popular theory of Amerigo Vespucci.
9 Man did not evolve from monkeys or apes.
10 Kilts, Bag-Pipes, Whisky, Golf, Haggis, Porridge and Tartan did not originate in Scotland.
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Man on the Moon 1969
Pub Quiz Reference - History Special Section
1. What nationality were the Michelin brothers who founded a tyre company in 1888?French

2. What are the Roman numerals for '505'?DV

3. Isabella of France was the Queen consort of which English King?Edward II

4. What name was given to a trained fighter in ancient Rome?Gladiator

5. In September 1950, where in Korea, did UN troops land, prior to the recapture of Seoul?Inchon

6. In World War II, who was the inventor of the 'Bouncing Bomb'?Barnes Wallis

7. Which Russian jeweller, of French decent, is famous for his intricate Easter Eggs of gold and diamonds, which he made for the Russian Tsars?Peter Faberge

8. In what year was US president George Washington born?1732

9. Who served as American President from 1865-69?Andrew Johnson

10. Who was the first English king to have held the title 'Prince of Wales'?Edward II

11. Which piece of music by Handel was written to celebrate the Duke of Cumberland's victory at Culloden?Judas Maccabaeus

12. The nursery rhyme 'Jack and Jill' is believed to be based on the execution of whom?Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

13. The Nazi regime was Germany's Third Reich, which was the First Reich?Holy Roman Empire

14. What was the name of the Irish fascist group, led by Eoin O'Duffy, which fought alongside General Franco in the Spanish Civil War?Blueshirts

15. Which German famously landed a light aircraft in Red Square, Moscow in 1987?Mathias Rust

16. Daniel Arap Moi was President of which country?Kenya

17. American explorer, Robert Peary, is generally regarded as the first to reach where in 1909?North Pole

18. In the Welsh Assembly, what two initials are seen as the equivalent to an MP in the Houses of Parliament?AM

19. Which king was variously nicknamed 'The Deed Doer', 'The Magnificent' or 'The Just'?Edmund I

20. In which year was the Battle of Stamford Bridge?1066

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History Special Section
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