Untitled Document 1991 Ukranian people vote for independence
1991 US 75th manned space mission "STS 44" Atlantis 10 lands
1990 Engineers digging a rail tunnel under the English Channel link up between England and France at a point forty meters beneath the seabed, and the island of Britain is connected with the European mainland for the first time since the Ice Age
1989 USSR President Mikhail S Gorbachev meets Pope John Paul II at the Vatican
1989 East Germany drops the communist monopoly from its constitution
1988 Benazir Bhutto named first female PM of a Moslem country (Pakistan)
1988 596 dead after cyclone hits Bangladesh, half a million homeless
1987 Digging begins to link England and France under the English Channel
1982 Miguel de la Madrid inaugurated as President of Mexico
1978 President Carter more than doubles national park system size
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Moon Landing - On July 20th 1969, 4 days after take off Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touch down on the Moon. Michael Colllins the 3rd member of the crew remained in the capsule whilst Armstrong and Aldrin performed their historic walk on the moon with the now legendary quote 'it's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind. Further missions were made to the moon and Alan Sheperd famously played a few golf shots with a Wilson 6-Iron golf club.
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1 Industrial Revolution
2 The Great Plague
3 Sumerian Invention Of Writing
4 D-Day Landings
5 Fall of the Roman Empire
6 Landing on the Moon
7 Assasination of J.F.K
8 Egyptian Pyramids
9 Discovery of the New World
10 The Crusades
1 Robert Catesby was the leader of the Gunpowder Plot and not Guy Fawkes.
2 In spite of various theories nobody actually knows for sure the birth place of the Irish Patron saint St. Patrick.
3 Walter Raleigh was certainly not responsible for introducing either the potato or tobacco to England.
4 The Guillotine was actually invented in Halifax, West Yorkshire as far back as 1286.
5 Antonio Meucci invented the telephone (his idea was almost certainly stolen by Alexander Graham Bell).
6 Contrary to popular belief, Chop Suey actually is a Chinese dish and was definitely not invented in America.
7 Marie Antoinette never said 'Let Them Eat Cake'?
8 Although there is no outright proof, documentary evidence points firmly towards Richard Ameryk as being the person whom America was named after rather than the popular theory of Amerigo Vespucci.
9 Man did not evolve from monkeys or apes.
10 Kilts, Bag-Pipes, Whisky, Golf, Haggis, Porridge and Tartan did not originate in Scotland.
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Man on the Moon 1969
Pub Quiz Reference - History Special Section
1. Which king was nicknamed 'The Martyr'?Edward

2. Who was the author of the 1832 Reform Bill?Earl Grey

3. What were the French Protestants led by Henry of Navarre known as?Huguenots

4. What was the name of the official report in 1983 into the Falklands War?Franks Report

5. In which two years did three men serve as president of the United States?1841 and 1881

6. Which naval tradition ceased in 1970?Issue of Rum

7. The 'Peacock Throne' was associated with which country?Iran

8. Who famously led the 26th July movement?Fidel Castro

9. King Zog was the head of state of which country before World War II?Albania

10. Who led the Sherpa Tensing and Edmund Hilary expedition on Mount Everest?John Hunt

11. Which British Prime Minister served the shortest term of any in the 20th century?Andrew Bonar Law

12. Give any year in which the second 'Boer Wars' were fought?1899-1902

13. Who was the tenth president of the United States?John Tyler

14. What World War II aircraft was designed in 1937 by Sydney Camm?Hawker Hurricane

15. Who was the last emperor of the Incas of Peru?Atahualpa

16. Which of Henry VIII's wives eventually went on to marry Thomas Cromwell?Katherine Parr

17. Which three British towns were granted 'city status' to mark the passing of the millennium?Inverness, Wolverhampton and Brighton

18. Christopher Jones was captain of which famous ship?Mayflower

19. What stewardship does an MP apply for if they wish to resign from Parliament?Chiltern Hundreds

20. Who was described by his foreign minister as having "a nice smile, but he has got iron teeth"?Mikhail Gorbachev

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History Special Section
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