Untitled Document 1990 North & South Yemen merge to form Republic of Yemen
1972 US President Nixon begins visit Moscow
1972 Ceylon becomes Republic of Sri Lanka as its constitution is ratified
1961 The first revolving restaurant (Top Of The Space Needle in Seattle), opens
1947 "Truman Doctrine" goes into effect, aiding Turkey & Greece
1943 The first jet fighter is tested
1939 Hitler & Mussolini sign "Pact of Steel"
1933 Loch Ness Monster is first reportedly sighted by John Mackay
1927 Near Xining, China a 8.3 quake caused 200,000 deaths. One of the world's most destructive earthquakes.
1926 Chiang Kai-shek replaces communists in Guomindang China
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Moon Landing - On July 20th 1969, 4 days after take off Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touch down on the Moon. Michael Colllins the 3rd member of the crew remained in the capsule whilst Armstrong and Aldrin performed their historic walk on the moon with the now legendary quote 'it's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind. Further missions were made to the moon and Alan Sheperd famously played a few golf shots with a Wilson 6-Iron golf club.
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1 Industrial Revolution
2 The Great Plague
3 Sumerian Invention Of Writing
4 D-Day Landings
5 Fall of the Roman Empire
6 Landing on the Moon
7 Assasination of J.F.K
8 Egyptian Pyramids
9 Discovery of the New World
10 The Crusades
1 Robert Catesby was the leader of the Gunpowder Plot and not Guy Fawkes.
2 In spite of various theories nobody actually knows for sure the birth place of the Irish Patron saint St. Patrick.
3 Walter Raleigh was certainly not responsible for introducing either the potato or tobacco to England.
4 The Guillotine was actually invented in Halifax, West Yorkshire as far back as 1286.
5 Antonio Meucci invented the telephone (his idea was almost certainly stolen by Alexander Graham Bell).
6 Contrary to popular belief, Chop Suey actually is a Chinese dish and was definitely not invented in America.
7 Marie Antoinette never said 'Let Them Eat Cake'?
8 Although there is no outright proof, documentary evidence points firmly towards Richard Ameryk as being the person whom America was named after rather than the popular theory of Amerigo Vespucci.
9 Man did not evolve from monkeys or apes.
10 Kilts, Bag-Pipes, Whisky, Golf, Haggis, Porridge and Tartan did not originate in Scotland.
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Man on the Moon 1969
Pub Quiz Reference - History Special Section
1. Which American was famous for his ride to warn of the approaching British?Paul Revere

2. An Act of Parliament in 1800 enabled which city in the UK to set up the first professional police force?Glasgow

3. Which two countries formed a temporary alliance from 1958-61 which formed the United Arab Republic?Egypt and Syria

4. Who was the mother of the Roman emperor, Nero, who was murdered on his orders in A.D. 59?Agrippina

5. Which country house is associated with the family of the late Diana Princess of Wales?Althorp

6. Who was the commander of the Prussian troops at the Battle of Waterloo?Blucher

7. Who was the central conspirator in the 'Cato Street Conspiracy' of 1820?Arthur Thistlewood

8. The Guardian cartoonist, Steve Bell, always portrayed which politician with his Y-fronts outside his trousers?John Major

9. Valeria Messalina was the third wife of which Roman emperor?Claudius

10. Which long-standing Tory MP is noted for his cigars and hush puppies?Kenneth Clarke

11. Which French king was assisted by Joan of Arc in defeating the English?Charles VII

12. In what year was the 'Charge of the Light Brigade'?1854

13. The 'Battle of the Nations' is an epiphet for which battle of 1813?Battle of Leipzig

14. Who won the 1952 US Presidential election?Dwight D Eisenhower

15. The site of the Battle of Naseby is in which county?Northamptonshire

16. What name was given to American northerners or Yankees, who moved south during 1865 and 1877?Carpetbaggers

17. Who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, when the 'Life Peerages Act' was introduced?Harold Macmillan

18. Which politician denied claims that he ever said we should "hug a hoodie"?David Cameron

19. Which Spanish king fathered a documented 32 illegitimate children?Phillip III

20. In July 1946, which hotel in Jerusalem was bombed by Jewish terrorists because it was the HQ of the British administration?King David Hotel

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History Special Section
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