Archived Quiz 11 Answers
1. True or False :- The Arctic is the world’s smallest continent?
2. Who played the character of Eddie Hitler in a 90’s comedy series?
3. In which city is Armley jail?
4. What was the title of the first ever computer game?
5. What is the largest Sports trophy in the world?
6. What is the corner square in Monopoly which is directly opposite Go?
7. What type of transport is a Blimp?
8. The last series of Blackadder was based around which war?
9. Which British golf course has hosted the Ryder cup throughout the 80’s and 90’s?
10. Who was known as the virgin queen?
11. What is the nearest country to Australia?
12. How many different opening moves can be made by a chess player?
13. Chippendale, Hepplewhite, and Sheraton are all famous for making what?
14. Cornelius, Galan and Urco are all characters associated with which TV and Film series?
15. The earth is classed as an oblate spheroid what does this mean?
16. In a game of charades what is indicated by patting the top of your head?
17. Name The Year:- The Hungarian uprising took place and the Suez Canal Crisis also took place?
18. Pop groups The Cardigans, The Wannadies and Neneh Cherry all come from which country?
19. Which former TV presenter was associated with the phrase ‘I mean that most sincerely folks’?
20. Which car company uses a diamond as its emblem?
21.Who defeated James 2nd at the battle of the Boyne?
22. In which city is the Verranzo Narrows Bridge?
23. Which company makes the Saturn Computer console machine?
24. Which former Blue Peter presenter is now appearing in Emmerdale and which other former Blue Peter presenter is currently a roving reporter for the Big Breakfast?
25. For which clubs do the following footballers play:- Rivaldo, Lee Hodges, Gary Speed and Jorg Albertz? (Defunct Question)
26. Which rock group features a one-handed drummer?
27. In world war 2 what type of work was carried out at Station X?
28. Which bodily system is attacked by Hodgkins Disease?
29. Which fruit is used to make the drink Perry?
30. What very peculiarly happened to former New York mayor Peter Stuyvessant’s amputated leg?
*Please note - All quizzes in this section are taken from Pub Quizzes which I wrote and presented at a local pub back in the 90's. As such some of the answers will have changed and some of the questions may have become defunct.