1. Christopher Cockerill invented what in 1955?
2. How many years did the Hundred Years War last?
3. What is the capital city of Australia?
4. Who is the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated?
5. The first section of railway track in Britain ran between which 2 places?
6. What colour is the the Northern Line on the London underground?
7. Who was the oldest man in the bible?
8. T or F The Peanut is a type of nut?
9. Who was the longest reigning Prime Minister of Britain in the 20th Century?
10. Which is the largest species of Tiger?
11. The Patella is commonly known as what?
12. In computing what is Ram short for?
13. Which organ secretes insulin?
14. Who was the first actor to refuse an oscar?
15. Which group of people produces the Watchtower magazine?
16. Adolf hitler became chancellor of Germany in which year?
17. Who composed 'Peer Gynt'?
18. Who was the youngest ever American President?
19. How many episodes of Fawlty Towers were made?
20. What name is given to a cross fruit of tangerines and grapefruits?
21. What do the dots on a pair of dice add up to?
22. How high is a baketball hoop?
23. In photography what does S.L.R stand for?
24. What is the motto of the SAS?
25. Which two countries signed up to the common market in 1973 alongside the U.K?
26. How many years did Nelson Mandela spend in prison?
27. Which star is the nearest to Earth?
28. What is the nearest galaxy to the Solar System?
29. What is the largest bone in the human body?
30. Which nerve forms the link between the eye and the brain?
31. Which country is reputed to have the world's oldest flag design?
32. In which year was the first FA Cup final held at Wembley?
33. What is Agoraphobia the fear of?
34. How many kilograms make up a metric tonne?
35. On what date is U.S Independence day?
36. Who said "I think therefore I am"?
37. In which country was cricketer Ted Dexter born?
38. What was the name of the policeman in Enid Blyton's 'Noddy'?
39. The clavicle is more commonly known as which bone?
40. What is the collective noun for a group of Rhino?
41. Which flag is raised when a ship is about to leave port?
42. Who painted the Laughing Cavalier?
43. Who was the father of Ham, Shem and Japheth in the bible?
44. Which country has the longest coastline?
45. Which African country has the shilling as it's currency?
46. Which planet is nearest the sun?
47. What is contained in a dish described as Lyonnaise?
48. What term describes a male swan?
49. Who might make use of a maulstick?
50. What name is given to the Jewish candlestick with special religious meaning?

1. Hovercraft
2. 115 Years (1337-1453)
3. Canberra
4. Spencer Percival
5. Stockton to Darlington
6. Black
7. Methuselah
8. Flase (It's a Legume)
9. Margaret Thatcher
10. Siberian Tiger
11. Kneecap
12. Random Access Memory
13. Pancreas
14. George C. Scott
15. Jehovah's Witness
16. 1933
17. Edward Grieg
18. Theodore Roosevelt
19. 12
20. Ugli Fruit
21. 42
22. 10 Feet
23. Single Lens Reflex
24. Who Dares Wins
25. Eire and Denmark
26. 27 Years
27. The Sun
28. Andromeda
29. Femur
30. Optic Nerve
31. Denmark
32. 1923
33. Open Spaces
34. 1000
35. July 4th
36. Rene Descartes
37. Italy
38. PC Plod
39. Shoulder blade
40. Crash
41. Blue Peter
42. Franz Hals
43. Noah
44. Canada
45. Kenya
46. Mercury
47. Onions
48. Cob
49. Artist
50. Menorah
Common Quiz Questions 1